Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ODM open year-round?
Yes, the Ocala Downtown Market is open every Saturday 9 am - 2 pm year- round rain or shine. 


How much does it cost to be a vendor in the ODM?
The base rate under the roof starts at $30 (each Saturday) there are options (if available) for electric, water and corners $5.00 for each option.
During the busy time of year from October to May we have spaces under the tents which we provide for $25.00.
Food truck spaces are available for $35.00 to include electricity and water.

What is the product requirement for the ODM?
You must complete an online application via www.managemymarket.com please include pictures of your products and set-up. All applications are reviewed for quality of products, set-up, dates requested to participate. If approved, you will be sent an invoice to pay online a week prior to set up.

Do I need a special license to sell at the ODM?
If you offer a food product you must have the necessary permits such as mobile food vendor, commissary kitchen, $100,000.00 Food Lability Insurance. If you operate under the Cottage Law you must have a copy of the approved cottage food label. If you need further information on the Cottage Law please visit https://forrager.com/law/florida/

Does the ODM have tables and chairs to rent?
No, all vendors must bring their own tables and chairs to facilitate set-up. 

Is the ODM Pavilion for rental?
Yes, we offer competitve rates. 

How many parking spaces do you have to accommodate customers?
We have over 420 parking spaces that surrond the ODM.